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Haven’t had a professional cleaning in over 40 days? Or is it your first time cleaning with us?

Our Super Deep Cleaning is our most in-depth and requested service choice.


What's Included?

Our Deep Cleaning

1- Dusting all surfaces, including furniture

2- Sweeping and vacuuming floors, including carpets and hard floors

3- Mopping hard floors

4- Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, including the sink, toilet, shower, tub, mirrors, and countertops

5- Cleaning the kitchen, including wiping down the counters, sink, and exterior appliances

6- Wiping down light switches, door knobs, and other frequently touched surfaces

7- Interior/exterior of the fridge

8- Interior/exterior of the freezer (if empty)


9- Interior/exterior of the oven (if empty)

10- Interior/exterior of cabinets & drawers (if empty)

Super Deep Cleaning, also known as Val’s signature service, is inspired by a Brazilian cleaning philosophy known as "faxina" which translates to spring cleaning.

At Val’s we know how tedious and time-consuming it is to clean every corner; this is exactly why our well-trained technicians are well-equipped to provide a top tier and high-quality service. But if you’re looking for the first-time cleaning of your home, this is the best cleaning for you. We will clean your home from top to bottom and let you enjoy your spare time doing something you love!

Even after you sign up for a plan, you are always welcome to upgrade your cleaning to a Super Deep Cleaning. With this package, you just can’t go wrong.

Need something that's not on this list? Ask us about our amazing Extra Services:

Clean Balcony

Clean Staircase

Hand Wash


Inside Fridge


Inside Fridge


Kitchen Cabinets

Clean Interior

Window Glass

Sweep & Mop


Wipe Down


Wipe Down


Doors, Handles, and Knobs



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