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Recommended for recurring customers or places that have been professionally cleaned within the last 30 days.


What's Included?

1- Dusting all surfaces, including furniture

2- Sweeping and vacuuming floors, including carpets and hard floors

3- Mopping hard floors

4- Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms, including the sink, toilet, shower, tub, mirrors, and countertops

5- Cleaning the kitchen, including wiping down the counters, sink, and exterior appliances

6- Wiping down light switches, door knobs, and other frequently touched surfaces

Our team understands how demanding your schedule can be and the importance of the cleanliness of a home. If you are a current client who wants a second cleaning service, we recommend our Standard Cleaning service plan in Chicago.

We are committed to providing you with a plan and cleaning schedule that you can trust. With a Standard Cleaning service plan customers are ensured a quality cleaning experience that will fit their busy schedules.

Remember, this is the checklist to start, and if you need to add or modify based on the specific needs of your home, we recommend that you review our other packages and check out our Extra Services page.

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Need something that's not on the list? Ask us about our amazing Extra Services:



Clean Staircase

Hand Wash Dishes

Inside Fridge Clean

Inside Oven Clean

Inside Oven Clean

Clean Interior Window Glass

Sweep & Mop


Wipe Down


Wipe Down


Doors, Handles, & Knobs



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