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Super Deep Cleaning

Our Super Deep Cleaning is our most requested and in-depth cleaning service. It includes all of our Deep Cleaning practices, PLUS your stove & oven, cabinets & drawers if empty, and fridge & freezer if empty. It's perfect for those who want a thorough clean from top to bottom!

Deep Cleaning

Our extensive Deep Cleaning includes all of our Standard Cleaning services, PLUS a deep clean of your fridge and freezer if empty. If your home and fridge are in need of some TLC, we've got you covered.

Standard Cleaning

Our Standard Cleaning includes dusting, mopping, polishing, sweeping and vacuuming until your space looks and feels as good as new. And with the rigor of Val’s Standards, you can trust that every nook and cranny will be spotless!

Post-Construction Cleaning

Our Post-Construction Cleaning is ideal for brand new homes or businesses. This comprehensive service includes all of our Super Deep Cleaning practices, PLUS heavy dusting, stove & oven, cabinets & drawers if empty, fridge & freezer if empty, and baseboards.

Organization Services

Our team will help you get your home back in order. We can declutter and organize any space, big or small. We can tackle your laundry, or anything that can be arranged and made neat. We can help you prepare for a new baby or unpack and organize after a move. We will help you create a system that is easy to maintain even after we leave.

Move Out Cleaning

Eliminate the stress of moving by booking a Move Out Cleaning. This service includes all aspects of a Deep Cleaning, PLUS your stove & oven, cabinets & drawers if empty, and fridge & freezer if empty. All you need to focus on is the excitement of moving into your new space.

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