Inspired by a Brazilian tradition

Val's DEEP CLEANING services include all of our STANDARD cleaning services PLUS extra time and attention to areas like inside your fridge and oven


In Brazil, faxina is the word for a day dedicated to thorough cleaning. Faxina is what Brazilians call a detailed cleaning and tidying of their homes. This is celebrated as a weekly spring cleaning because Brazilians love keeping things clean, organized, and neat!

At Val’s Services, we proudly train and provide this Brazilian cleaning style in all our services. 


Our daily goal is to treat your office and home like our own during a faxina day!

[pronounced: fah-shee-nah]

Our expert cleaners strongly recommend a

DEEP CLEANING service if:

Your place has not been cleaned by a professional cleaner in > more than 30 days

Services Frequently Requested by Our Customers with DEEP CLEANING?


Clean all mirrors


Dust all accessible surfaces.  Fans, vents, door frames, tables, chairs, picture frames, shelves, blinds, behind wall units, etc.

Dust all lamps and lampshades


Empty and wipe down (inside and out) trash and recycling bins


Vacuum couch

Vacuum and mop all floors​

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